Filmcast presents the following shows…

Hall Reaction

The question we face the most every now and then is when a new Film hits the theater and people start asking, “How is the Film?” We just don’t want to make you uncanny with our own opinion. Instead, we let you have a look at the fresh feedback of the audience coming out of theaters watching that very film. We can assure you of the show not containing any biased features. The real goal of this show is to make people get some fresh and basic feelings and ideas about the film they are interested to know about!

Behind The Scene

Do you know what it takes to make a cinema? It is easy for us to just watch a cinema online or in a cinema hall. But do you even care to know how many people had to black their bones just to present you this entertainment? Because surely we do! And that is why for the first time in Bangladesh, Filmcast features a show that lets you know the stories the hard works the moments happening behind the scene!

Behind The Song

Rapid Fire Round

Star Adda

Meet The Star

Video Review

Video Analysis